The 20 Best Bites of 2020 in Dallas

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Writer Nick Rallo will say it’s the patty melt, other Observer writer Philip Kingston will insist it’s the fried chicken sandwich. I challenge them both to go for the bologna sandwich, which will astound you in its size when it arrives (or you open the takeout container) and amaze you when you eat it.

— Taylor Adams

Lakewood loses popular sports bar; 3 new restaurants are planned nearby

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Hillside Tavern, a bar on the southeast corner of the intersection, next to Dream Cafe, will likely open soonest: April 2019. It'll be a laid-back bar, where "all we're missing is our very own Norm," says Alexa Conomos. She\'s a former WFAA anchor whose husband, Bradley Anderson, is opening Hillside Tavern with his brother Brooks Anderson and chef Nathan Tate.

— Sarah Blaskovich

A Tribute to 8 Fried Chicken Sandwiches of the Decade

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Chef Nathan Tate has a black belt in balancing creamy and acidic things. Chicken thighs lounge in pickle juice for about a day. After the pickle bath, they get dunked in another soak in buttermilk that’s dotted with hot sauce. The marinated thighs run through a dry blend of flour, salt, their own barbecue seasonings and into the deep fryer it goes.

The crispy chicken sandwich
— Nick Rallo

Lakewood's newest bar, Hillside Tavern, feels like it's been part of the neighborhood forever

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"There\'s a little bit of Dallas history in here," says Bradley Anderson, a practicing lawyer and restaurateur who is opening Hillside Tavern with his brother, Brooks Anderson, also a practicing lawyer and restaurateur, and chef Nathan Tate.

o-owners Brooks Anderson, left, and Bradley Anderson
— Sarah Blaskovich